Cooking 101

Let’s get back to the basics.

“You cook fancy food “… the day I heard that, I nearly fell over.  I never felt that what I prepared in my kitchen was fancy or particularly difficult,  Honest- it only appears that way, sometimes.  I’ve always felt that if you cook with your heart and taste as you go, you can’t possibly fail.  Still the “I could never do thats” piled up.

I’m here to say “YES! You can!”  Let me show you.  This is Cooking 101- a home to find all of the basics to start you on a culinary journey and a love affair with food.  Here you’ll find beginner basics: recipes that you can perfect and modify 1,000 ways by switching out ingredients but following the same game plan of steps.  Each week, we’ll explore tools and tricks of the trade.  You’ll also find a trouble-shooting Q & A, and mini segments such as “How to cook a meal to impress your lady”, “Easy Party Pleasers”, and “Meals for 2”.

If you want to learn how to cook- here’s a good place to start.
– J

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