May 16, 2015

What is it about a visit from the parents that strikes fear into the hearts of women?  Without fail, I hear the words, and my “crazy eyes” (as DH calls them) come out in full force.  “She’s coming WHEN?… I need to…”  is always followed by an outrageous list of things that don’t REALLY need done, but that would make me feel like a more accomplished woman, wife, and mother when seen through the eyes of my mother-in-law. (and my mother, too, if she were alive)

I should stop here and point out that my mother-in-law is totally awesome.  I won the lottery when it comes to MIL’s.  Honest.  I have no reason to feel such anxiety over the state of my house when she visits.  She’s supportive, and fun, and offers great advice.  She’s amazing with Henry, amazing with our dog, and is amazing to us!  She visits and brings tools to help with yard work, puts projects into motion, and has been known to clean my oven in the early hours of the morning.  Heck- she even did our laundry when we took up residence at her house for 5 weeks following little man’s early arrival!  Pretty sure she’s up for sainthood.  I have absolutely ZERO reason to tailspin into a crazed lunatic.

And yet, I do.  Every time.

Maybe it’s a need to show our parents that we have it together.  That we are, in fact, functioning and thriving adults.  Maybe it’s some visual way of saying “we’re okay- you did a good job, mom!”

Whatever the reasoning, I run around trying to make sure everything is pristine and perfect, and I always fail to finish my mile long list of things that in my mind need completed.  Ultimately, this results in things getting chucked into our bedroom in the final moments following the “I just got off my exit, see you soon!” text.  (Good thing she never goes into our room!)
Then she arrives, and the crazed look gets replaced with the joy of her company.  Everyone is laughing and sharing time together- creating memories that we’ll cherish long after the frantic dust has settled.

I can’t possibly be the only one to experience this.  Tell me, ladies- does it ease up with time?  Will I lighten up now that kids are in the mix?  I can’t be the only crazy-eyed daughter in law… it has to be a common thing, right?

Hopefully, some day I’ll lighten up and enjoy the anticipation of her arrival.  Until then, I’ll crack open the wine, bust out the vacuum, BREATHE, and pray the bedroom door stays shut!


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