Make it Monday- Pear, Pig, and Fig Flatbread

June 30, 2014


When Monday rolls around, I’ve usually exhausted all of my meal efforts on big weekend meals and want something quick and simple.  And for us, a lot of times that translates into nachos or flat breads. Here’s the great thing about flat breads- they offer endless possibilities and broil up in about 5 minutes!  I LOVE when a meal hits the table in under 10 minutes!!

Recently I had a Pear, Pig, and Fig flat bread from Bar Louie, which inspired today’s tasty meal.  Here’s my version of the Pear, Pig, and Fig!  Pair it up with a lightly dressed arugula salad (or throw some on top), and dinner is done!  So, put that phone down… toss those take out menus aside… It’s MAKE IT MONDAY!!

(serves 2)
2 of your favorite flat breads-I grab ours from the bakery section of our local grocery store
1 wedge brie cheese, cubed up1 pear, sliced thinly
1/4 to 1/2 cup fig jam
5-8 dried figs, chopped  (Fresh are also divine if you can find them at your store- I quarter up or slice up 3 or 4 fresh figs when I have them)
1 cup shredded pork, thawed (if from frozen)
see recipe for mine here: Crockpot Shredded Pork

Set your broiler to high.  Brush your flat breads with a bit of olive oil.  Broil for 2 minutes to crisp up a bit, then remove.  Top each with fig jam, brie, pear, shredded pork, and figs.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to topping a flat bread- just toss it on there!  Return to broiler for an additional 2-3 minutes, until brie becomes melty and delicious.  Top with fresh arugula, or keep the arugula on the side as a salad.  Cut and enjoy!

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