100 Day Challenge

February 27, 2014

What, you ask, is the 100 Day Challenge?  Well, it is just that!  It is a challenge to myself to complete 30 different things on my “life list” in the next 100 days.  This idea was shared with me from my friend, McKenzie over at Our Honest World, and when I read about her challenge… and her request for others to jump on board, I knew I was in!  So, with pencil in hand, I set about making my list.

I’d love for others to join us, whether it be fellow blogging friends to keep in contact with, or through facebook, text, or email… just think about the things you could do in 100 days!  The possibilities are endless, right?  I promise it’ll be fun, and that we’ll have a lot of laughs.  We may even discover new things about each other and ourselves. 

Now, some of these items are small.  Some are quirky, and somewhat trivial.  Others are rather large, and even more important to put into my life in the next 100 days.  The point is to do them. To commit to living my life, and to allow myself the time to explore these ideas.

SO- here it is!

1. Blog at least 2 times a week, and have at least 1  be an original recipe.

2. Learn the craft/ practice of yoga. NOT Jillian Michaels yoga, which I love, but kicks my butt.  I’m talking SLOW, methodical, spiritual yoga.

3. Host a Pinterest party.  (for all those DIY things that we pin, but never make)

4. Make a budget and really stick to it.  I was so great at this, but then we moved, and our bills and due dates for them shifted, and well.. my budget kind of died a slow death.  It needs updated.  I’d love to share some of the apps I’ve found and LOVE.  It’s just a matter of sitting down and doing this one.

5. Organize my family recipes.

6. Coupon like a champ.  Again, I use to do this, and then life happened.

7. Learn what all of the settings and buttons on my camera do.  Fancy camera, and all I do is point and click. Pathetic, right?  No more. Time to learn.

8.  Learn to truly meditate.  I like to SAY I’m meditating, when really my mind is going a thousand miles an hour in 50 different directions.  It’s really annoying at the end of the day to be exhausted, lay down, and still be awake for about 40 minutes until I sort through all of the RANDOM thoughts that run through my head.  Meditation. MUST LEARN.

9. take a photography class and read my Plate to Pixel book about food photography

10. make/ paint my own pottery

11. Really take stock of and organize my school class library

12. catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  Seriously. I am about 5 seasons behind, and the previews still kill me every week. Indulgent? absolutely.  Needed? you bet.

13. organize my pantry so that it stays organized and functional (side note- train husband as to where things go in said organized pantry)

14. restain the deck

15. make Kevin’s brewery tours collage

16. master the “smokey eye” look

17. redesign my blog, or pay someone else to do it

18. keep a journal, including pictures.  note the little things and focus on gratitude

19. find a church we like

20. grow my relationship with God

21. get my passport

22. plan out the trip to Niagara Falls to spread my mum’s ashes-  we promised, and haven’t done it yet…and it bothers me every spring

23. treat my husband the way I did when we first started dating- meaning… send brownies to work, inner office little notes, hide love notes in his pockets… let him know how much I truly love and appreciate him.  We do dates, but I think I could do more of the little affections

24. actually download the fonts that I pin on Pinterest

25. can or pickle something

26. plant a beautiful garden and actually keep it alive

27. reconnect with childhood/ high school friends

28. buy something from an antique store

29. make my own fruit snacks

30. spend a day alone with my mother in law, learning more about her, and her life in younger days

Those are my 30 things.  Not sure which one I want to start with, but it’ll probably be a small one to get me on my way!  I’ll keep you posted how this all goes!

Be sure to swing over to McKenzie’s page too- I should add “Make McKenzie’s laundry soap” as number 31.

Until next time,

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