Year Old Cake (in other words, Happy Anniversary)

August 10, 2013

There’s just something a little unnerving about the thought of eating a cake that’s been in the freezer  for a year.  I think my mother had it right and summed it up best.  When reflecting upon her and my father’s decision to for-go the tradition, and instead eat the top tier of their wedding cake on their honeymoon, she said “It just seemed like a waste of a perfectly good cake”.  And, after my experience, I’d have to say that I couldn’t agree more.

Still, we held up our end of the tradition and froze that sucker for a year.  It got me thinking though- where did all of this start?  So, I did a little Googling and found out that this whole thing started way back in the 19th century.  Long ago, (you know- when the Earth was still cooling and dinosaurs roamed the Earth- ok, well not THAT long ago, but you get the point.)  Long ago, they use to CRUMBLE CAKE OVER THE BRIDE’S HEAD to ensure fertility. Um, no thank you.  Eventually things shifted more and they moved to making elaborate cakes for the baby’s christening.  Then, THAT evolved to elaborate cakes for a wedding and saving  the top of the cake for the baby’s christening.  Since weddings and babies aren’t necessarily hand in hand any more, couples now eat their top tier on their first anniversary.  Hmm… Well, that was insightful.  At least I didn’t get cake crumbled over my head.

At any rate, we ate our year old cake a week early while at the shore.  That poor cake had already made a pilgrimage from Pennsylvania to Jersey, and we thought any further travel to VA just might be pushing our luck.  Plus, this way my in-laws got to partake in year old cake too, and really, who doesn’t want to do that, right??  It also meant we got to have a mini photo shoot out of the whole ordeal.

Just getting into this cake was a bit like breaching Fort Knox.  It was stored in a cardboard box, and inside our top tier had all but been bubble wrapped and duct taped!  After the cardboard box came a freezer bag, followed by 3 layers of plastic wrap, and finally a layer of press and seal wrap.  Seems like a whole lot of effort for year old cake, but I digress…

For a year old cake, it held up pretty well- right down to the swirls in the icing!  I was pretty impressed…

Please note the layers of Ft. Knox security.

And, it cut like butter- a good sign.

All in all, it was an interesting little adventure.  The cake itself was still moist and pretty delicious, along with the white truffle filling.  However, there is only one word that I can use to describe the year old outer layer of thick, defrosted, cream cheese icing- FUNKY.  I don’t recommend it.  After a bite or two, we all sort of scraped that part away from the rest of the cake.  Still, I’m glad we did it.  It was pretty quirky and fun. 

As for our actual anniversary tomorrow?  Well, we won’t have cake as tasty as on our actual wedding day….


…but Harris Teeter makes a mean Red Velvet with White Chocolate, and I’m sure that will do.
Until next time,
PS: Isn’t my husband super cute?  

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