Snow Day Magic

January 24, 2013

Even as an adult, there is nothing quite like that giddy feeling that you get  upon discovering that you have a snow day.  It’s one of those extra little perks of being an educator.  (Go ahead, say teachers have it easy- I permit you to on this one occasion- but rest assured, the moments of school leading up to a potential school day could make you lose your mind.  Just something to consider.)

Anyway,  snow days always take me back to my childhood in Western, PA.  Snow days were rare, and when they happened, it was because we had a TON of snow.  Every kid on the block let out a collective sigh of relief when Joe Denardo proclaimed a snow day.  And almost immediately, mum would open the cabinet and take down the Salton sandwich maker. 

Billy and I would put on our layers upon layers and head out to the frozen wonderland.  We’d have snowball fights with neighborhood kids, sled ride down Shelby Drive, and have igloo building competitions.  At the end of it all, we’d always come inside and warm up with a pocket sandwich. 

They were never anything fancy or remotely gourmet – obviously, I mean, we WERE kids, after all!  But usually, they were a twist on pizza, or ham and cheese, or perhaps turkey…whatever was on hand.
They were such a tasty treat, and the anticipation of waiting for that little red light to go out was almost too much to ever bear.  I remember that first sizzle as the bread hit the hot machine, and getting the timing JUST perfect so you had the absolute perfect shade of toasted pattern on your bread without letting cheese ooze out. 

Even now, the sandwich maker resides in our kitchen.  Same one.  It’s probably 25 years old, and still works like a dream.  Whenever I need that nostalgia, I take her out, and wait for that little red light. 

Maybe some day, I’ll go gourmet- as gourmet as a pocket sandwich can be, I guess… but for today, it’s a pizza pocket sandwich and snow day magic.

Until next time,

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