A tiny update, and The best thing I ever ate…

September 22, 2012

Hey friends!

It’s been a while, and life has been the usual tornado!  But now, as a lot of you know, I’m a married lady!  I have a super great husband, and we had a wonderful day with family and friends.  Following that, we went on an incredible honeymoon to Lake Tahoe.  Completely breathtaking.  And now, with the school year nearly a month in, and everyone settling in, I am back to my happy little blog world- tea in hand.  And that means…..

Tomorrow is the day.  I have decided. I’ve been shaking in my boots a little bit since I posted about The Chef’s Table, and attempting to recreate some of the items on my own… especially after the chef commented!

However, a promise is a promise, and tomorrow, my quest for greatness begins.
My new knives, cutting board, pots, and pans are all ready. (getting married does super cool things for your kitchen)

Tomorrow is the day that I attempt to make the best thing I ever ate.  Flash back to earlier in the summer, and this post:

“Grilled Brioche and Goat Cheese Sandwich served with 2 over easy quail eggs, and a banana pepper jelly
I will never eat a regular grilled cheese again. Ever.  My world has distinctly been placed into two periods of time… life before this grilled cheese wonder, and life after.  This is the 1 dish that I am most looking forward to trying to recreate.  I felt like I should have been alone in a dark room with that grilled cheese and quail egg mix, it felt that naughty to sit there and eat something so decadent- and the banana pepper jelly?! WELL… rest assured that when I perfect that little baby, I’m going to can it, and you all will receive some with a note that says “Make the grilled cheese”.   I don’t need “50 Shades of Grey”… just a grilled cheese, and if that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
  Also- you can find quail eggs at Wegman’s!?  WHO KNEW?!”

Am I nervous? A bit… excited?  You bet.
Stay tuned, bloggies… this one is either going to be genius, or a disaster.


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