1 Minute Mug Cake

August 20, 2012

Hey there… do you have a minute?
Oh, you do??   Great- then you have time for this tasty mug cake!!

Go ahead, go get your mug… I’ll wait.


Crack 1 egg into your mug and beat it.
Add 4 tbsp powdered sugar and 3 tbsp cocoa powder.  Stir.
Pop in the microwave for 60 seconds… then give it another 60 seconds before devouring…noone likes a burnt mouth from chocolate cake.

As variations, you can add a caramel (think milkmaids) to the mix before heating in microwave for a chocolate caramel cake…

You can add a hint of peppermint, or andes candies for a “grasshopper” cake

Tonight I topped ours off with Boysenberry Syrup- delicious.

And as always… icecream is a good way to go!


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