Bridal Party Kit

August 1, 2012

10 DAYS remain ’til the big day, and I am a busy bee!!

Today I am putting together my girls’ survival kits.  I got them each a Vera Bradley “Knot Just a Clutch” bag in Very Berry Paisley.  (They also have totes)

Anyway, here’s what it looks like:

I like this clutch because it is a good size, has a zipper in the back, and has an optional strap that can attach or detach inside.  It stays shut because there are strong magnets.  All in all- lovely.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, and doesn’t show the true colors of it… it has some greens, some pinks, a raspberry color, and then dark chocolate brown.  Heaven.  (My girls are wearing chocolate brown cocktail dresses with raspberry colored shoes.)

Then I went about filling them.  Here is my list of what I am including:

Colgate Wisps
5 Hour Energy
Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief
Tide To Go
Travel size Secret deodorant
Travel Pack of Tissues
Mini Nail Files (I got mine at 5 below for $1)
Travel Size Hairspray
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (pack of 4 was $8, and there was a coupon)
Mini Altoids
A Penny

Then I wrote a poem to go with it.  Feel free to steal- it wasn’t hard to come up with!

Just a way to share my thanks,
For everything you do…
I’ve made this kit, for tomorrow,

To help to see you through!

There’s a pack of Wisps for your smile,
to keep it fresh and bright;
A dose of 5 hour energy
So you can dance all night!

You’ll also find relief
If your feet begin to ache
And a mini Tide To Go
For any spill that you might make.

I’ve left a little Secret
to keep those pits so dry,

And tissues for your eyes,
Just in case you cry!

There are tiny little files,
if a nail of yours should break;

And a bottle of some hairspray
To hold through all the pictures we’ll take!

There’s lip balm and some mints
to help preserve your kiss…
And finally a penny,

to make a special wish.

I couldn’t ever do this,
without you by my side.
You’re a truly precious friend,

and I’m such a lucky bride.

Thanks for sharing in the joy of the big day!

And that’s it!  All put together, it looks like this…

Can’t wait to give them to my girls! (Oh, and I got a clutch for myself too… don’t worry!)

Until Next Time,

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