The particular nostalgia of lemonade in a dixie cup

August 2, 2011

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to enjoy one of my all time favorite things of summer- lemonade in a Dixie cup.  Now, this wasn’t just ANY lemonade, my friends, this was lemonade from a child’s lemonade stand.  There’s something to be said for a child’s spirit and the simple thrill received when telling them to “keep the change”.  As I drove away with my perfectly chilled lemonade, I couldn’t help but reflect on how perfect it was… and of my days of youth spent doing the exact same thing.

A lemonade stand was a summer staple growing up for my brother and I.  It just always seemed to provide the perfect antidote for those days when we became bored.  A lemonade stand?!  What an awesome suggestion, mom…we could MAKE the lemonade, then make our signs, and set up our stand…and then SELL the lemonade!  HOURS of fun- and at the end, we’d have money to show for our hard work!  It was sheer brilliance.  Thinking of it now, I can still remember the 3 of us mixing it up in the kitchen and setting up the folding table in the front yard.  Seeing that Kool-Aid man pitcher turn that beautiful shade of pale yellow, or if we were really lucky, pink.  I remember the twinkle in mom’s eye when she’d say “I think it needs just a little more sugar” after sipping some and asking us what we thought.  And the dixie cups… I remember the rows of dixie cups, anxiously awaiting our customers.  And how thrilling it was when dad was always our first customer and told us to “keep the change”.  I’d stare down at that dollar like I’d won the lemonade stand lottery.  We’d sit there for hours, Billy and I…selling some lemonade, drinking most of it, and dreaming about the wonderful prize we’d buy ourselves with our earnings.  We always shared the earnings to get something for us both to enjoy.  That was the great thing about my brother- always willing to play with his baby sister, even when it might not have been cool to.  He didn’t care if it wasn’t cool…he was my friend; my best friend. 

Anyways, seeing those girls today took me back to that time.  It was like it was God’s little message just for me that day, and it helped me remember that sometimes, you need to just stop and enjoy the simplicity…especially when that simplicity comes in a Dixie cup. 

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