In the words of Ina, “how easy is that?”

July 28, 2011

I’d like to think the Barefoot Contessa herself would approve of my quick and easy dinner tonight.  She’s telling it’s easy to grill a whole chicken, as I whip up my little dinner here…so, I’ll just assume she’d be okay with it.
Tonight, I did the thing I usually do at about 5:30 on Thursday- “HOLY CHEESE AND CRACKERS! It’s 5:30 and I didn’t even start to THINK about dinner. Hmmm….”

Tonight’s rescue plan: Pasta tossed in a creamy artichoke and sausage sauce.  (Ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta!)

1. Open up a jar of Artichoke Antipasta (I’m using a 12 ounce jar from Trader Joe’s- thanks Aunt MP!)

2. Toss that in a high lipped skillet, along with a spash of milk, and some precooked Sausage Crumbles (Jimmy Dean are on sale this week, friends!- and there’s a coupon!)

3. Add some grated parmesean or romano…I was so desperate tonight that I grated up a “string cheese”. Don’t sweat it- whatever you have is fine so long as its not cheddar.

4. Give them a stir every now and then to make sure everyone’s having fun at the party.  When your pasta is done, transfer the skillet and toss it all together…Yum!

…and how easy was that?

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