I am my mother, after all…

July 15, 2011

While most would think that title is scary in itself…I am OK with being like my mother.  She was a pretty special lady.  We’d all be okay to be a bit more like her, in my opinion.  But, today’s shining example of how I’ve become my mother, struck today when I saw this adorable china pattern in a magazine, and decided that I may need another set of dishes after all.  I mean, come on… how cute are these??

SO THEN, I got to looking at china patterns…and now, I have a problem. I want several.  Now, this is fairly common for most of the relatives in my family.  I fit in with them completely because I would be happy having a different set of dishes for each day of the week.  While searching, I also found these cuties…which would happen to match the eggplant colored Rachael Ray serving ware that I have my eyes on. 

Keep in mind, I already have these beautiful every day dishes from Kevin’s mom.  Completely adore them because they were my dream dishes for quite some time.  I have zero interest in replacing these dishes any time soon…I love them…how they look, how the mug feels in my hand… love them.

So many dishes…so little time.

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